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Alan R. Souders, P.E., J.D., Justin R. Rothboeck, J.D.
Michelle N. Mance, J.D. and Thomas Benner, J.D.
When you need an attorney in Skagit, Island, San Juan, Whatcom or Snohomish County, consider our services.  We offer both the personal attention of a small law firm and extensive experience in our areas of civil practice.  As Skagit County attorney with offices in Anacortes and Mount Vernon, we are centrally located to help clients throughout Northwest Washington.

Real Estate and Land Use.  Real estate, land use, and environmental issues often impact your property, livelihood, and quality of life.  If you are looking for a real estate lawyer in Skagit , Island, San Juan, Whatcom, or Snohomish County, see our list of services on our "Real Estate and Land Use" page.  Also check our Flat Rates page for services with fixed fees.


Business and Contract Law.  Besides being a lawyer in Skagit County, Alan Souders is also a business owner with employees, regulatory requirements, contracts, and other concerns typical of a small business.  It's our business to know about running a business.  More details may be found on our Business and Contracts Law page.


Construction.  Are you looking for an experienced construction attorney in Skagit, Island, San Juan, Whatcom, or Snohomish County?  Construction law is complex.  Alan's career as a construction engineer and contracting officer make him uniquely qualified.  He represents property owners, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in disputes, L&I matters, and other construction-related matters.  His clients' projects range from small residential contracts to large public works.  See our "Construction Law" page.


Wills, Trusts, Estates, and Elder Care

 Choose either Alan or Justin as your estate planning and elder law attorney in Skagit, Island or San Juan County.  Many of our services are available for a fixed fee - see our Flat Rates page.   When requested, we arrange to meet clients at their place of residence or the hospital.   Learn about our many services on our "Wills, Trusts, and Estates" and "Elder Law" pages.


Probate and Estate Settlement.  Probate for the estate of a Washington resident may be administered in any county.  You may want to choose a Skagit County attorney to keep down your probate costs.  In many cases, an estate may be settled without needing to be probated.  At other times you may need help in resolving a dispute over a trust or estate settlement.  Our "Probate and Estate Settlement" page has details on our services to help families or friends with a loved one's estate.


Family Law.  Family law issues require unique experience due to its complexity.  Family law matters may also require experience in litigation, property, estate planning, elder law and business law is important in addressing family law matters involving these other areas of practice.  If you are looking for a family law attorney in Skagit, Island, San Juan, Whatcom, or Snohomish County to advocate on your behalf, please visit our Family Law page to see a detailed list of services. 

Litigation, Arbitration, and Mediation.  Disputes can arise in any of our areas of practice.  We are experienced in all options for resolving disputes.  If settlement negotiations don't work and you want to file a lawsuit, or you are served with a lawsuit, we can represent you in the litigation or arbitration.  We are also experienced in helping clients mediate a dispute when required or desired.  Contact us when you need a litigation lawyer in Skagit, Island, Whatcom, or San Juan County.
Why These Areas of Law?  Our clients' matters often involve more than one legal issue.  Estate planning, elder law, and probate usually call for decisions about real estate and financial matters.  Construction frequently includes land use, real estate, and business law.   Business owners should consider contingency and succession plans, and may have real estate and land use concerns.  Disputes in any of these areas can result in a lawsuit.  We serve our clients by staying active and current in these particular areas of practice.
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